You can truly see blue in the Blue Ridge Mountains [OC] 3024×4…


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A photograph

No Paintings, illustrations, gifs, video clips, or interactive images.

A photograph you took (OC)

or one particular which you can deliver the initial resource. Failure to present the photographers title or the initial resource of the image can outcome in a ban.

A one picture

Albums may possibly be posted in the remarks.
Panoramas, Impression Stacks, Composites, and photos edited by means of Photoshop or comparable program are permitted.

An graphic showcasing a organic landscape

Pictures with humans, devices, boats, streets, airplanes, farms, animals, buildings, or other guy manufactured objects in them will be taken off.

An unsilhouetted impression

Photographs wherever facts in the landscape are not obvious because of to silhouetting will be eliminated.

You submission title will have to incorporate the pursuing:

The locale of the region in the photograph

When it will come to spot, the far more unique the improved. If you want to not disclose the location you should at the incredibly the very least name the point out/place. Rule of thumb for naming only the site (e.g. a lake, mountain): if one particular can discover the location immediately by hunting it in google it is really great. For probably ambiguous areas increase state/state for security.

The resolution of the image in pixel structure

For case in point, an picture taken on an Apple iphone 6 would have a resolution of [3264×2448]

The photographers identify

If you took the picture use [OC]. OC submitters will be reward with unique camera flairs based mostly on number of OC submissions.

Do not consist of your gadget identify in the title.

Really feel free of charge to include photography specifics such as digicam, lens, and configurations, as a comment.

Do not check with for upvotes in your title

A full record of subreddit guidelines are found in our wiki

Remark Rules:

Despise Speech, Abusive remarks, homophobia, and the like have no position on this subreddit, and will be eliminated on sight.

Make sure you contribute to the dialogue positively if you you should not like a picture and you want to voice your view please chorus from abusing the photographer/submitter.

Other critical procedures:

EarthPorn is not a catch-all subreddit. Photos that are submitted right here are independently reviewed for compliance with our subreddit principles. If your submission is taken out, a moderator need to advise which of our network of SFWPorn subreddits would be a additional appropriate location to submit.

  • Do not edit, rehost or modify illustrations or photos submitted listed here devoid of permission of the photographer. This incorporates edits to “repair” the hues of an picture or take away a watermark.

  • Non-OC submissions are limited to just one per working day.

  • About reposts: it is only a repost if it was posted to /r/EarthPorn fewer than three months ago, or if it is by now in the top rated100 of all time.

  • Circlejerky/sandbagging/pandering titles may be removed.

  • If you have any questions look at out the wiki.

  • Breaking several rules will end result in a ban.

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You can in fact see blue in the Blue Ridge Mountains [OC] 3024×4…