Why Would a Person Dump the “Woman of His Dreams”?


I just study your publish on emotionally unavailable males.

Mine is a unusual tale but I’m pondering now that my person falls into this class. He broke up with me in excess of text, to start with of all. We’re each in our later decades so this, in my viewpoint, is really impolite at any age.

He came on robust at first, begun betting active with his existence, then texted me he can no longer day as his 17 12 months outdated is heading as a result of concerns that he would not discuss. He explained something about melancholy and suicide counseling.

We experienced only dated for 3 months and I get the problems but he claimed to really like me and that I was the “woman of his dreams”.

My dilemma is would you dump the girl of your desires if your existence acquired difficult and your kid needed some guidance and guidance? I would have envisioned some down time but dumped? I acquired a sweet card that said nice things about becoming in his heart and I ran into him the other working day and he seemed sad but I just really do not get it. Am I staying selfish? Was he simply just emotionally unavailable or is this a usual response?


I’m sorry you’re hurting, Eve. Finding unceremoniously dumped is an awful emotion and obtaining the information by textual content definitely does not make it any better.

Having said that, I would really encourage you to action again from this circumstance – as I’m trying to – and chorus from generating it about you for a next.

This is what courting coaching is all about – stepping out of your own shoes and trying to understand the views and behaviors of an individual else.

I do not know your ex from Adam, but then, I’m not positive I need to, provided this just one piece of facts: his 17-12 months-old is heading by depression and contemplating suicide.

That is every thing and you’re crafting about it as if it is a minor component of the story.

It’s not. It is the Entire tale.

If your teen is grappling with existence and loss of life, every little thing else falls by the wayside, and it’s not for me (or you) to choose how he feels he ought to ideal take care of the predicament.

  1. Some adult men would lean on you for support during this attempting time.
  2. Some adult men would comprehend they have nothing at all to give right now and split up.

Neither selection requires handling the problem improperly, just in different ways.

But your query doesn’t feel to accept this. All the things is framed in phrases of how it has an effect on you, like you can not even consider what it is like to be a scared and overcome single dad or mum with a desperately ill baby who desires all of your adore and assistance.

I think there’s a major difference between declaring an individual quickly unavailable owing to a disaster (like this) as opposed to permanently unavailable

So, I’m heading to toss in a 3rd option:

  1. Some adult men would alternatively have no girlfriend than one who simply cannot muster the empathy to see the significant picture.

As far as whether or not your ex – or any male – is emotionally accessible, I think there is a massive variation involving declaring someone temporarily unavailable thanks to a crisis (like this) as opposed to permanently unavailable (for the reason that he’s scarred and incapable of intimacy and motivation).

I just can’t say which he is but I can say that what ever his reaction to his crisis, it is not erroneous. It’s just what he has to do. And if you’re the woman of his dreams, you will comprehend and assistance him wherever he’s at. Good luck to both of you.


Why Would a Person Dump the “Woman of His Dreams”?