Why is Denmark (1 silver medal in Wintertime Olympics background) so ter…


Non-norwegian living in Norway listed here.

Norwegians are fantastic at retaining insider secrets when it will come to winter season sports activities.

While discovering to cross country ski I asked my instructor (aka a Norwegian good friend) “what is the method?”. His suggestions: “you just truly feel it”. For a place so fantastic at adhering to procedures and currently being valuable they seriously don’t know how to train other people how to ski evidently.

My future “lesson” with a diverse friend I asked, “how do I increase?”… answer: “you just sense it”. I was commencing to get suspicious.

Numerous lessons later I am moving ahead far more often than backwards, most of the time. I can kind of cease if there is a tree there to enable out and as extensive as I really don’t intellect becoming unconscious for small periods of time in a pile of snow.

To confuse me a lot more I usually hear Norwegians shout odd terms in my general course though I am on skis. Phrases this sort of as “snowplow”, “fish tail” and “kvikklunsj”. Codes for something among the Norwegians I am absolutely sure.

An additional level. A close friend of mine (also not Norwegian) went to a ski waxing system due to the fact she was doubtful how to wax skis effectively. She left right after ten minutes when the team started debating whether 10 or 18 levels had been proper when location up skiis for the day.

So to answer the ELI5. Norwegians refuse to teach some others how to ski and then continue to keep their strategies of how to ski by scaring non-Norwegians absent with puzzling “classes”. I only suppose that when they are specified that there are only Norwegians all over they share recommendations and assistance every single other improve which is why they are so great in the olympics.


Why is Denmark (1 silver medal in Winter Olympics heritage) so ter…