When Beethoven was challenged to an improvisation duel by one of …



Are you a musician? Study our guideline to endorsing your audio.

  • fridays: discussions only
  • saturdays: new and authentic audio only

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/r/New music Publishing Procedures

  1. No music from the Corridor of Fame

  2. No pictures
    As a substitute put up to 1 of these subreddits.

  3. Artist – Title [Genre] Optional text
    All submissions of streaming music and albums ought to observe this structure or will be eradicated.
    Optional supplemental textual content may perhaps only be integrated just after this component of the title. No ALL CAPS.

  4. No artist reposts for 30 days if the past put up broke 100 details

  5. No clickbait titles or inquiring for votes
    Songs must stand on its personal. If you have an exciting tale at the rear of the songs, you can include this in the responses or as self-article textual content.

  6. Fridays are text write-up only
    Friday is for intriguing conversations, not streaming songs. If your submit is “very low effort” or seems to be like just one more way of posting streaming audio, then it will be taken off. Negative discussion posts are subject to removal on any day.

  7. Saturdays are for fresh and unique tunes
    Dedicated to underground artists, your initial compositions, and new releases by known artists. Well recognized tracks will be taken out at mod discretion.
    Submitters: For original audio, use the “I Created This” flair. For new releases, use “New Launch“. You can pick your aptitude beneath your url following publishing.

  8. No /r/ifyoulikeblank or /r/tipofmytongue type posts
    For suggestions of new artists comparable to people you currently like, use /r/ifyoulikeblank. For assistance with figuring out a track, use /r/tipofmytongue or /r/namethatsong.

  9. Will have to url to formal artist channels
    Exceptions are created for distinctive releases or tracks not accessible on an artist’s official channel.

  10. No group funding sites

  11. No links to unauthorized tunes leaks or promotion of piracy

  12. Conversations and Articles need to be immediately relevant to songs, audio technologies, or the tunes company alone
    Articles or blog posts / Tweets talking about statements by musicians not appropriate to their get the job done are not authorized. Articles discussing events in musician’s lives are matter to mod discretion.

  13. Adhere to reddiquette at all periods.


occur share some new music in the formal /r/tunes plug.dj!


When Beethoven was challenged to an improvisation duel by one of …