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Task #9: WHAT I CARRY…

“When I hear anyone say ‘Life is hard’, I am generally tempted to check with ‘Compared to what?’”Sidney J. Harris

Every operate day I drag my sorry ass out of mattress, search at the sky and consider to guess what time it is, but I now know–it’s 6:30am, mainly because that’s the time I get up every early morning to go to perform. I shower, but I never shave I place on deodorant, but not cologne. If I drank far too considerably the night time before I just take some aspirin–generic stuff I acquire at the CVS.

What am I carrying with me? I suggest, what do I drag back again and forth with me?

If my spouse appears at me humorous, as in: are you taking aspirin due to the fact you have a hangover? I say no–I say I observed some physician on tv set and he explained that a developed man ought to just take an aspirin each early morning to stave off a coronary heart assault. My spouse will snort, ’cause she is familiar with Specifically why I’m having the aspirin but–as wive’s are likely to do–she had to talk to anyway.

I frequently do not take in anything in the early morning. I utilized to like Cap’n Crunch but it received pricey, so I gave up on breakfast. I make a lunch, place it in this lunchbox I inherited from my youngest son–it has slots for these ice packs that you put in the freezer overnight, which is clever, then I put on a shirt, lace up the sneakers and head out the doorway.

I do this every day. I really do not think about it considerably. But the other working day, standing in a bus aisle involving a heavyset youthful lady keeping the hand of a little boy–only she was not really keeping his hand, she was gripping his wrist so that he would not dare try to bolt and on the other facet of me was a male holding–I shit you not–a ukulele. Why? I didn’t question him.

Ultimately I sat down. As I said, ordinarily I’m not ruminating significantly, but the man with the ukulele received me pondering. What am I carrying with me? I imply, what do I drag again and forth with me? Here’s what I experienced: in my correct entrance pocket I experienced my keys. There’s a essential for the entrance doorway, a key for my motor vehicle, which is an previous-ass Prius, a important to my wine cellar–just kidding, no wine celler, but there was a further crucial and I did’t know what the hell it went to. I retain it simply because I know if I throw it absent, inside 15 minutes I will want it.

In my other entrance pocket I have my phone. It is an aged Iphone, and it does not get employed considerably, and it is sat there so long, and I don the exact same pair of pants so typically that there is a worn out shape of the cell phone on the entrance of my trousers.

In my back pocket is my wallet. In the section the place you put your currency, I experienced two a person dollar expenditures and a receipt from Jack in The Box. I had a fish sandwich meal. I received curly fries and an ice tea with it, and I remembered that I was supposed to throw away the receipt because I did not want my wife to obtain it and give me shit for A) not having my sack lunch, and B) not obtaining her anything, due to the fact she likes the monster tacos. If I didn’t once in a while sneak a fast food items lunch I would most likely flip the fuck out someday, due to the fact guy is not meant to try to eat out of a previously-owned teenager’s lunch bag, even if it does have ice packs. In the scaled-down compartments I experienced images of the children. In just one of them my youngest son was putting on a soccer uniform, though he give up soccer, which frustrated me…

This week your task is to inventory your tote-ables, gentlemen. Then feel about what that means.

I unzipped the lunchbox. Within was a ham sandwich, designed with wheat bread, which is supposed to be healthier than white bread but this loaf came from the 99 cent shop so I doubt that it was packin’ as well lots of nutrients an apple, a diet plan coke, and crunch bar for a snack, and a bag of Fritos. Fritos, by the way, could be the saltiest foods in the environment. Right after one bag–and it’s not a large bag–I’m as thirsty as if I experienced just operate a marathon–in the Mohave

And which is it. That’s what I am toting. If I received strike by a bus and died, they could put everything in a compact plastic bag–they’d throw out the lunch–and give the relaxation to my spouse, who would pocket the dollar expenses, glare at the Jack in the Box receipt, choose the photos, and consider to determine out what the extra key was for…then she would toss the wallet.


  • Stock your tote-ables, gentlemen. Then feel about what that suggests.

Images: James Loesch and Closer to Property Circular Walks

What I Have… –