What Do I Say to a Dude on the Cellphone If I Never Want to Go Out With Him?


Hello Evan, I follow your 2-2-2 rule, which is good, but I have had a pair of awkward times and have to have your tips: all through the screening cellphone call, if it’s not heading well and I determine I never want to meet up with in person, how do I tell the person without the need of hurting his thoughts?? Specially if he thinks the contact is heading well and indicates a date!


If you’re not a longtime reader or a Locating the A person On the net purchaser, the 2/2/2 Rule means I encourage you to trade a pair of email messages on the relationship web page, a couple of e-mails on Gmail and a couple of mobile phone calls prior to assembly for a first date.

I discourage swiping. I discourage espresso dates. I discourage texting.

All of people typical dating techniques take care of persons as if they are disposable and direct to far more flakiness, fewer screening prior to meeting and greater quantity/decreased good quality very first dates.

The widespread pushback is that applications make it impossible to do this, persons really don’t like e-mail, the cell phone is stilted, anyone utilizes texting, and it’s greatest to meet up with as swiftly as probable.

These are all partially valid excuses for continuing the swipe/text/satisfy method so I will say, as soon as and for all, that if you LIKE relationship this way, preserve on accomplishing your thing.

I did not and fairly considerably all my clientele hate swipe/textual content/satisfy, and however they don’t do a issue about it.

The 2/2/2 Rule is my most effective tips – and even though it can be modified (say, 5/3/1), the principle of creating a connection on the courting website, staying away from staying component of a guy’s texting harem and creating excitement and belief in advance of conference stays paramount.

In any case, I’ve prepared a more time defense of the 2/2/Rule listed here and really do not require to do it once more.

To answer Gabrielle’s question, I think it is a superior problem with a really quick solution.

Would you relatively have an uncomfortable moment in which you inadvertently harm a guy’s feelings, or would you instead commit two hrs heading on a date with that exact same person?

Would you relatively have an unpleasant minute where by you inadvertently damage a guy’s inner thoughts, or would you somewhat spend two several hours likely on a day with that same male?

Mainly because you’re correct – it WILL be uncomfortable. In truth, it’ll be even worse than that. You’ve really substantially obtained a 50% probability of some thin-skinned offended male cursing you out, all simply because you identified just after a 50 %-hour on the cellphone that he appeared selfish, destructive, and creepy.

Personally, I’ve not questioned out women of all ages on the cellphone and gotten yelled at.

I have had one woman refuse to go out with me just after a telephone contact – and when I was astonished, I took my medicine and let it go with out further remark. I really don’t imagine most other fellas will.

Extended tale short: your purpose is to politely go up a day and lessen any collateral injury. Be terse. Be apologetic. Be company. Whatsoever occurs up coming suggests all the things about him and very little about you.

Regardless of whether that is sufficient to cease you on going on dates where by you actively really do not want to be there is totally up to you.


What Do I Say to a Dude on the Cellular phone If I Don’t Want to Go Out With Him?