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We can are living without the need of food for about a few weeks. Drinking water for about three times. Air? Attempt a few to seven minutes. Most of you are lifeless in three.

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The truth about our atmosphere is, even though it is all around us, we literally would die in minutes if the air on Earth were to disappear suddenly, the Earth’s atmosphere is still one of the most complicated systems we deal with on a daily basis no matter where we live.

(Okay, if you live underground you don’t deal with the Earth’s atmosphere as a rule, but you might still be affected by it.)

The atmosphere’s complex nature is responsible for wind, rain, seed distribution, changing weather patterns with specific behaviors such as El Nino. Ocean interactions create storms which flow toward land and can wreck havoc on millions, destroying homes and property, destabilizing areas for years.

Tomorrow we will talk about how climate change, particularly global warming, which is one of the primary features of climatic change, affects you no matter where you live and how in the future, such effects may lead to the mass migrations of millions of people all over the globe.

Bring your questions, bring your expertise, bring your curiosity. Climate change doesn’t care if you believe in it. It will happen anyway, unless we choose to stop it. While we can.

Tune in.

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In this article was the initially of our discussions on Weather Improve by the Features: AIR

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We’re Speaking About AIR – The Superior Men Job