Washington DC Police Main Declares Crime Crisis


For the fourth time now in 8 years the Law enforcement Main of Washington DC , Charles Ramsey has declared a condition of Criminal offense Crisis in the Cash Metropolis. So what is the difficulty you inquire? Is the Mayor again on Crack Cocaine ?

Are there a lot more Congressmen assaulting officers or Druggies Congressmen crashing their cars into barriers ? No, this time it is even more significant than any of individuals headline information stories. You see 14 persons have been murdered in one particular month. This report number is down from the 96 people killed in one thirty day period beforehand. But one particular has to talk to why is all this occurring?

Currently we also have problems below in Arizona as very well the place 4 persons have been killed and 40 individuals shot at night time by secret attackers. In Phoenix where by this is taking place the populace base is 3.5 million and even even though this is a tragic issue. The true problem is that criminal offense is on the rise .

Now in the case of Washington DC our nations cash the populace is very small basically and for this numerous murderers there is a serious trouble. Why is our nations money entire of lawlessness ? Is it that the worst of humanity lives there? Is it for the reason that those who do the job there are previously mentioned the legislation?

Can the Washington DC Police Chief make a variance the rid of the city of criminal offense or will there always be criminal offense in Washington DC, as we have come to be expecting? Contemplate all this in 2006.


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