‘Wabbit’ Warfare Among John Oliver and Mike Pence –

Someway, someway a ebook-sale battle centered on a bunny has broken out between a late-night host and the Vice-President of the United States.

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On Sunday, during the most current episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the British comic devoted a lengthy phase to the anti-LGBTQ positions held by Mike Pence. He paid out Pence 1 compliment, declaring that his bunny, Marlon Bundo, was lovable and has a wonderful identify. As it turns out, the Pence relatives was set to release a guide “written” from the perspective of the rabbit this 7 days, so Oliver countered with a e-book of his own called A Day in the Daily life of Marlon Bundo. Oliver’s version is an trustworthy-to-goodness children’s guide, and it is about Bundo falling for a different male bunny. His guide is essentially outselling the Pence spouse and children supplying, and all the proceeds are heading to AIDS United and a suicide-avoidance method for LGBTQ youth known as The Trevor Venture. In excess of the past a few days, “Marlon Bundo + John Oliver” has a 70 p.c constructive score on Social. –Alex Shultz, Image: betterbundobook.com

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‘Wabbit’ Warfare Concerning John Oliver and Mike Pence –