Velocity Diet regime Review


If you are hunting for just one of the most intensive diet plans and exercise routine programs than I have a program for you. The most difficult diet program/instruction method that I have ever tried using is the Velocity Food plan. I uncovered this diet program on a T-Nation, which is a website focused to bodybuilders. This specific diet plan, nonetheless is devoted to body transformations more than a 4 7 days time frame.

So when I did this diet regime, I did the program with my brother and we experienced distinct goals. I had been doing work out constantly for years and was seeking to lose supplemental body body fat while not losing muscle. My brother experienced just started out working out and now preferred to shed extra bodyweight. He was a out of form which is one particular of the points the diet regime states not to do. You need to not go into this program if you have not been operating out for awhile mainly because it is rather powerful at moments.

The premises of the diet is that you get 5 foods per working day on non work out days and you get 6 meals on training days. Now the challenging component of this is that all of your meals are protein shakes with other nutritional supplements. It could look that you are starving you but every meal is around a pair of calories and is dependent on your beginning fat. On my off days I was having about 1500 calories and then on my workout days I was finding a minimal about 1800 calories. My brother was having substantially far more due to the fact he excess weight about 60 lbs . a lot more than me. The shakes consist of generally protein powder, so your fat burning capacity is having sped up, BCAA dietary supplements, to assistance with your recovery and a nutritional supplement that is effectively dried down vegetables so you get all your nutrients. On the day you exercise routine you get an extra shake that you can come across at It is certain shake that is created for restoration and was possibly the greatest part of the diet for the reason that it tasted mouth watering. The element that was the worst for us is that we bought the similar flavor of protein powder. So we had 5 shakes a working day for the 4 7 days plan and by no means experienced a distinctive taste. I would suggest acquiring several flavors for some variety. If you go to the T-Country web-site it will notify you how much protein that you will require for the 4 7 days software. There is also 1 night a week that you get to eat a regular food. It is intended to consist of lean proteins and vegetables and fruits. You are authorized to take in as a lot as you want. The intent for this is to assist improve your preferences. As soon as we have been accomplished with the diet program we located that we continued to consume healthier foods and did not crave fatty foods as much.

The future element of the diet plan is the exercise plan. So for the duration of the approach you workout 4 occasions a 7 days. You have 3 normal workout routines that consist of entire entire body weightlifting. The fourth exercise session of the 7 days is what they get in touch with the V-Burn up. So for your exercise sessions they have it damaged up into 3 types, rookie, intermediate and highly developed. For our exercise sessions we did the intermediate and I discovered the exercises to be hard and experienced my coronary heart amount heading the full time. My brother on the other hand felt the routines where a very little to significantly. This was in all probability due to the simple fact that he was not doing work out considerably prior to starting. After the to start with two exercise sessions he truly threw-up. The V-Burn up is the fourth workout which consist of 8 physique bodyweight routines. You do 10 reps of every physical exercise then go on to the subsequent just one lift. At the time you finish just about every work out you repeat the total circuit 6 periods. This is a timed trial and every week you test and conquer your time from last 7 days. The first 7 days I did my time demo in about 45 minutes and by the end I was doing it in 22 minutes. My brother could not even finish the to start with two months but by the conclusion he was equipped to do it in 35 minutes. The last action that you do is what they phone NEPA. It is on the days you are not performing out and you can go for a walk for 30-60 minutes. This is just to burn off extra calories and to assist burn up additional body fat.

So our benefits in the course of this program where by fantastic. You are intended to weigh your self as soon as a week at the same time. You are also supposed have a measuring tape so you can see where by you are dropping the inches. You are also intended to get shots each individual 7 days so you can see the discrepancies. In our 1st week I dropped nearly 9 pounds and my brother lost about 14 kilos. Soon after the to start with week the excess weight isn’t going to arrive off as a lot but that’s why you have the measuring tape. Right after the 1st week I was only shedding about and more 2-3 lbs . a week but I was still shedding the same amount of money of inches every week. The rationale for this is for the reason that I was equipped to manage my muscle mass and really achieve some. My brother was however losing about 4 kilos a 7 days. At the conclusion I had misplaced about 15 pounds and my brother dropped about 28 lbs . over the 28 days. My entire body excess fat went down about 6 % in individuals 4 months, which was a large amount due to the fact I started out weighing close to 190 and I’m 6’3.


Supply by Andrew Barker