Using Camcorder as Webcam

This video clip is a How to guide for configuring a consumer type HD camera as a Webcam for ‘Google Hangouts’, Youtube Live and other Live streaming application for less than $35 ! :

Components used in my setup :

1. Sony HDR-XR500V – Camcorder with A/V and S-Video output
2. A/V Cable (Red-Yellow-White)
3. Diamond One-Touch Video capture VC500
4. Windows 7 – 64 Bit
5. Adobe Flash Media Live encoder 3.2 (for Youtube Live streaming)

Setup was tested with Google Hangout and Youtube Live.

Note :

a. You may decide to use any audio source, including your webcam mic !

b. Sony camcorder above was set to output video in 4:3 mode, if not, you will appear slim !

c. If you are curious, manycam does not work in this setup (not important for me yet)