Trump lawyer Giuliani abuses fellow TV guest live on air as impeachment rocks White House : politics

Even more bizarre, interfering with corruption investigations in Romania as well. August 29, WAPO:

A letter that Rudolph W. Giuliani, one of President Trump’s personal attorneys, sent to Romanian officials opposing a corruption crackdown in that country has drawn the attention of the State Department and renewed questions about his continued work for foreign clients while representing the president.

...letter last week to Romanian President Klaus Iohannis and Premier Viorica Dancila, Giuliani criticized anti-corruption efforts in that country, expressing concern about “continued damage to the rule of law in Romania, committed under the pretext of law enforcement.”

Writing under the letterhead of his consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, the former New York mayor criticized the “excesses” of Romania’s anti-corruption DC GFE Escorts and warned that recent moves could affect foreign investment.

Giuliani’s letter caused significant ripples in Romania and raised questions about his decision to work for foreign clients while serving as one of Trump’s chief attorneys dealing with the Russia investigation.

It also put him in opposition with the State Department, which has supported efforts to prosecute corruption in Romania. The United States joined with 11 other countries in June in a statement warning Romania not to take measures that would weaken its “ability to fight crime or corruption.”

Giuliani received a call from State Department officials this week about his letter, he said in an interview Wednesday…

In response to a request for comment, the State Department reiterated its June statement, which said that “Romania until recently has shown considerable progress in combating corruption and building effective rule of law. We encourage Romanians to continue on this path.”

“Rudy Giuliani does not speak for the U.S. government on foreign policy,” an official added.

Giuliani said he was hired to send the letter by a global consulting firm run by former FBI director Louis Freeh. He declined to say on whose behalf Freeh’s firm was working or how much he was paid.

While working as potus’ personal attorney, Giuliani is traveling the globe and lobbying, on behalf of foreign interests, to thwart US foreign policy. He’s trump’s back channel SOS, who’s not constrained by laws or rules or “taking care” of US foreign policy. And the president is backing his deals with financial, diplomatic, military…

Who’s paying for these activities?

Is all Giuliani’s FARA paperwork properly filed?

I have a feeling this is SOP for trump/giuliani. If so, the Biden story is merely a quaint anecdote.

(Bet Kushner’s running this same type of operation in the middle east.)

Trump lawyer Giuliani abuses fellow TV guest live on air as impeachment rocks White House : politics