Tom Hanks to Play Mr. Rogers in ‘You Are My Friend’ : videos


I wrote about this the moment, but Mr. Rogers saved my mother’s sanity.

My brother was sick as a child and necessary to see specialists who could not truly give my mom a true diagnosis. Psychiatric ailments? Allergies? Neurological? No matter what it was, my brother was in a good deal of ache and the ONLY issue that could routinely tranquil him and preserve him happy was to watch Mr. Rogers. We would observe it with each other each and every afternoon, my mom identified as PBS and they sent her VHS of the episodes.

I do not know why, but she wrote him a letter thanking him. A couple of months afterwards my mother gets a letter again. It is a typed letter and she assumes a form letter, but she reads it. The letter discusses how substantially he loves to browse letters and how my brother’s ailment is exacerbated by the reality that health professionals forget that young children are little ones. It’s a very long letter – a total page – and references issues my mom wrote. It really is signed, in ink “Fred Rogers.”

My mother still has that letter, it is really in a box, she experienced it framed. It was having bleached, so she’s set it somewhere exactly where it will not deteriorate. My brother’s affliction was diagnosed and taken care of. That was much more than 30 many years back, but that letter was by no means forgotten. I try to remember her having it out when he died and we all go through it.

It can be one of these matters that appears so trivial, but at the time almost certainly intended the planet to my mom and for that, I will generally have a difficult time looking through about Mr. Rogers and not tearing up. I purchased copies of his clearly show to clearly show my son because years later, it really is the only thing well worth seeing. It by no means took children for granted, and even I appreciate looking at him. Looking ahead to sharing that with my son.


Tom Hanks to Perform Mr. Rogers in ‘You Are My Friend’ : motion pictures