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Look at out /r/PixelParty for additional information.

Did you see a gif that retains getting funnier and funnier the longer you stare at it? This might be the correct position to share it.

We suggest looking at these gifs at work or some other area in which you can not laugh for the greatest expertise.

1. Animated .gifs only

Flash animations, video clips or web sites are not authorized.
.gifv back links are explictely permitted and even preferred if they are silent.

2. Imgur, gfycat or reddit

All gifs must be hosted on, or selfhosted on reddit, if you want to publish a gif hosted on another web-site, reupload it.

3. Direct back links make sure you

Any one-way links that really don’t finish in .gif or .gifv will be mechanically taken off. The exception right here are gifs on gfycat, which should really seem like: Will not be concerned though, a bot will help you out with getting immediate url to your .gif in case you make a small oversight.
If you are not able to get it to function, you can speak to the Moderators.

4. Self posts are meta posts

Self posts are for meta conversations only and ought to have [META] in their title. All other self posts will be deleted without warning.

5. Never Repost

Use Karma Decay to check if you are reposting. Also, lookup the subreddit for the title of your submission. If your gif (or a close to specific replicate) has been posted in just the past 6 months or is in major posts of the year or all time
, don’t write-up it once more you will find no need to have for reposts in the identical subreddit. If you see a repost, never wait to report it. Never get mad at reposter however (unless of course they are repeat offenders), you will find no shame in unintentionally reposting a thing, it happens to the most effective of us.

6. No joke titles

It is really alright to make your title humorous, but this sub is about gifs, not texts. This also means no resubmitting the exact same gif with a unique/greater title.

7. No trolls or hateful language

This is a subreddit to make men and women snicker, not to make them really feel bad. this is centered on mods discretion.





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