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Black Manta: Dude with a challenging-on for deep sea treasure searching. Seems for highly-priced, one of a kind, and/or magical things, though getting unlawful mercenary function to fund it. He killed Aquaman’s father, then Aquaman killed Black Manta’s father. The two murders were being accidental, but Black Manta is the immovable object to Aquaman’s unstoppable power.

Ocean Learn: Aquaman’s Loki, other than he is like a futurepunk pirate. Needs to just take the throne of Atlantis, fueled by resentment, envy, yadda yadda yadda. In the older comics he’s thoroughly human and in the more recent stuff he’s 50 % wizard, but comic videos typically choose and pick out. His trident is his power thingy, which depends on which origin you’re likely off of.

Younger Justice: Teenager Titans with near Avengers-stage narratives. They are the covert B-Workforce, fundamentally. The present usually takes area in a distinct timeline, so you really don’t have to worry considerably about continuity. They’re kids, so the stories have a great deal of coming-of-age progress plotlines, but they’re also potent as shit and their steps have bigger implications.

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