My favorite Odd Al tale is that Chamillionaire loves him and credited Al for his Grammy Award:

Seems like Houston rapper and winner of MTV’s Finest Rap Movie award Chamillionaire has turn out to be a huge enthusiast of Strange Al, way too. First he just could not wait around to proudly aspect “White and Nerdy” on his very own MySpace page, and now gives significant kudos to him in an interview:

“He’s essentially rapping pretty great on it, it is crazy…He’s Grammy-nominated, person. He goes platinum. It is really an honor when he does that. I don’t forget when he redid Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad.’ Strange Al is not gonna do a parody of your tune if you’re not executing it massive. You gotta be a big pet dog. He shot the video, and people will see it fairly before long. It’s nuts.”

“He’s spittin’ just like Krayzie Bone on the 2nd verse…It’s basically pretty humorous if you hear to what he’s expressing. The way Krayzie is harmonizing, he does the exact same point. It surprised me. I didn’t know he could rap like that.”

Undoubtedly awesome to listen to a different artist give respect to Al for his awareness to details, be honored at currently being a parody issue, and just basic get pleasure from his singing capabilities.

TIL that “Weird Al” Yankovic would just take dates to see The Naked Gun without the need of telling them he was in it. He would also don the exact Hawaiian shirt he wore in the motion picture. : todayilearned