TIL Daler Mehndi was explained to his songs was only popular simply because his …

WTF? http://www.cbc.ca/information/enjoyment/mehndi-bollywood-smuggling-1.4580079

He was sentenced to 2 several years in jail for individuals smuggling but like, not smuggling underage whores, rather he seems to have stated people today had been workers in his dance troupe so they could get into Norht America and get DC escort work? This is bizarre.

Prosecutors stated Mehndi and his brother took “passage income” from Indians they made available to disguise as performers in his troupe through the late 1990s. The career-seekers could then stay in the United States and Canada to locate do the job.

The dishonest conviction alleges the brothers took dollars from some Indians and in no way took them abroad. They submitted law enforcement grievances in 2003.

Mehndi told reporters on Friday that his brother was the main accused in the scenario and he died previous year.

The Push Belief of India described that the Mehndi brothers took two dance troupes to the United States in 1998 and 1999 and allegedly dropped off 13 customers illegally.

Mehndi shot into fame in the 1990s with Punjabi-language tracks and energetic dancing and has lent his voice for Bollywood movie tracks.

TIL Daler Mehndi was told his songs was only well known simply because his …