The To start with Campaign to recapture the Holy Land (c. 1095) : fakehistoryporn


Wtf? The very first campaign was literally the most prosperous out of all of them.


If everyone is far more fascinated in finding out about the crusades in standard, as very well as the meme crusades like the children’s crusade, the peoples campaign (AKA Peter the Hermit’s Suicide Squad, credit history to u/ireallyhatepandas beneath for that), and the fourth campaign, I really recommend Thomas Assbridge’s e book The Crusades. It gives genuinely good coverage of the total phenomenon, as well as some amazing parts exactly where he talks about how they are remembered and used in much more present day context.

Also, The Alexiad is a wonderful historical resource for the First Crusade. It has some quite hefty and obvious Byzantine bias, but provides a fantastic thought of how unforeseen and odd the very first campaign was, noone had any strategy what the fuck was going on.


The 1st Crusade to recapture the Holy Land (c. 1095) : fakehistoryporn