The Sheet Vs The Monitor


Not too long ago, I had an interesting discussion with my co-worker about whether to use simple, previous-fashioned paper or the pc for certain jobs that come alongside in a resourceful method. While 99% of finishing is carried out by utilizing a computer, it&#39s the early stages that I am fascinated in. I&#39d say 100%, but on next glance, you by no means know.

It&#39s your decision

Essentially, it&#39s up to the designer. I know a whole lot of professionals working with their beloved personal computer for just about just about anything. They brainstorm, outline, and storyboard from scratch in entrance of the screen, and do each one artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator. Of study course, a drawing board arrives in useful for this type of technique. On the opposite, I&#39ve found that some designers want to use a producing pad or just unfastened sheets of paper for this form of work.

I&#39ve traded jointly my private watch of the execs and cons on this issue.


  • Sheet
    • Pro: This is my personal preferred. You have the quick, no matter if you&#39ve composed it your self, contributed to it or have been supplied it, and you have to appear up with at minimum 20 suggestions for starters. Paper does it for me. Just simple white loose sheets of paper. I categorize them in a corner for simple filing.
    • Con: Fiddly obtain to information and facts when reviewing. Chaotic strategy storage.
  • Display
    • Pro: Employing applications like Microsoft Place of work OneNote or mapping apps, you can file and obtain concepts and implementation / composition sketches very easily. (Not that I favor MS. Not at all. But this is a neat prog) You can also use paper, and following supply, transcribe to an application and conflate.
    • Con: Distracts large time utilization of a computer can be an impediment for free mindflow.

Tough Define, Storyboard

  • Sheet
    • Professional: Due to quick handling, lots of ways can be gone by means of in pretty much no time. Moreover, what&#39s much more relieving than crush&#39n sprint?
    • Con: Making use of a pencil, all that erasing can be difficult. Carrying components on signifies re-drawing them each and every time a new sheet of paper is made use of.
  • Display screen
    • Pro: Scalable, shiftable, movable, arrangable, changeable.
    • Con: No depth and pounds with no diverse pen and color strengths are utilized, so hampering the workflow a bit.


  • Sheet
    • Professional: One of a kind designs can be developed by hand.
    • Con: You have to be definitely superior at it.
  • Monitor
    • Pro: Nearly unlimited possibilities for design and style. Workflow is not handicapped simply because the app functions as a fantastic device.
    • Con: You have to be truly superior.

So, who wins?

Decades ago, when I begun in advertising, I was keen to have all of the actions of the setting up and design procedure stacked neatly in a folder on my personal computer. I believed it&#39d be a good thought to often have fast obtain to all of it, for later uses, for inspiration or for new methods for the same shopper or solution.

I recognized really immediately that it was not these kinds of a good strategy at all. The laptop or computer is my selection a single device for organizing, notion gathering and storage. In the in the meantime, I&#39ve treasured a respectable quantity of tips moreover imp and comp notes for really a ton of uses. But when it arrives to free your intellect and be intellectually resourceful (vs. visually), a strong, new white sheet of paper is the most effective issue that can transpire to your inspiration. A healthier, effective mix operates fine for me.

Do not be concerned of pen & paper! Following all, the personal computer – in this case, courses like Illustrator and Photoshop – is a instrument that provides features to your beginning-supplied and by time enhanced property: your brains and your fingertips. It&#39s great and certainly essential for art course. But when it arrives to creating a thing that requirements other tools than these described, making use of a computer system is fairly distracting and slowing off.

The phrase is to make a distinction concerning intellectual and visual creative imagination. Use whatever instrument you will need to accomplish the very best final results. Discover out for by yourself, for each individual solitary task! Choose a step back again and ask you, Do I truly have to have the laptop or computer for this? Could not I do it quicker, and greater, just with my possess palms?


Supply by Robert Augustin