The Royal Barges Museum – A Dockyard Whole of Glamor


Gilt edged and ornately adorned barges fill the dimly lit privileges of what was formerly a dry dock. However they are now used sparingly, their grandeur and regality have not diminished. The vessels that transported the Kings and Queens of Thailand by way of rivers, canals and h2o fronts stand proudly, experiencing all the notice they command.

Many centuries in the past when h2o strategies ended up the most popular medium of transportation these wonderful boats were utilized by the royal family members for their journey, spiritual procedures, coronation ceremonies, battles and of program the occasional boat race. The invention of the motor boat meted out a wonderful injustice to the wonderful ships, hence are at present used only for spiritual festivals, most notably the &#39 Kathina &#39 ceremony. The ceremony indicates the finish of the rainy time and all through the time of the Buddha, the monks commenced their journey once again to meet the Lord Buddha. This ritual is completed by featuring alms and new yellow robes to the monks.

Guided by dozens of oarsmen these barges which now sit silently made use of to be element of Thailand&#39s most critical features. The classy barge &#39 Suphannahong &#39, who prow took the form of a swan was reserved for the transportation of entirely the King and is a favourite among the visitors. The Anantanagaraj figurehead signifies a 7 headed snake, the god of the waters according to preferred Asian mythology.

At the museum, you will discover these royal barges and a lot of DC escort barges, such as the &#39 Asura Vayuphak &#39 and the &#39 Krut Hern Het&#39, all of which are intricately carved from teak, artistically intended and ornamented with precision. The image gallery and relics depict the opulence of Thai ceremonies.


Supply by Pushpitha Wijesinghe