The Psychopomp in Mythology


Throughout my experiments into the Gods and Goddesses of several pantheons, I observed so a lot of similar suggestions in lifestyle soon after lifestyle. The one particular that caught in my intellect was the psychopomp, which refers to a God or other non secular Becoming that is liable for the transport of the souls of the dead to the Afterlife or the underworld (based on the myths). I believed it was attention-grabbing that so many cultures have assigned a Deity to a these a unique part. Beside, I just consider the term psychopomp is neat.


In this pantheon, the God that escorts in DC the souls to the Underworld is the jackal-headed God, Anubis. He is usually regarded as the God of the Useless on this account, but it is Osiris who really procedures in the Underworld, Anubis just transports the useless. When at the gates of the Underworld, it is also Anubis who weighs the coronary heart of the forbidden from the feather of Ma&#39at to identify a soul&#39s value.

Greek / Roman

Because significantly of the Roman pantheon is a carbon-duplicate of the original Greek, I&#39m lumping the two collectively here. The Greeks believed that it was the God Hermes who traveled with souls to the Underworld. The Roman edition would be Mercury. I suppose this is appropriate as Hermes / Mercury was considered the messenger of the Gods and He performed the purpose of errand-boy in lots of myths. Some might take into account Charon to also be a psychopomp, as he was the a single who conveyed souls across the river Styx. But I assume that is more about traveling inside of the Underworld somewhat than vacation to it.


In accordance to Norse myth, souls have been not collected by a Deity, but by the Valkyries. The Valkyries have been basically a whole team of beings relatively than a solitary a single. They have been females who flew on horseback, dressed and armed for fight. Traveling around the battlefield, they chose the honourable useless and took them to Asgard and Odin&#39s corridor, Valhalla. The name &#39Valkyrie&#39 is translated as &#39Chooser of the Slain&#39. They ride in packs and several are presented unique names in Norse myth.

Vodou / Vodun

Like the Norse, Vodou fantasy does not have a single getting that performs the part of psychopomp. Instead there are a team of spirits, recognized as the Ghede. Also like the Valkyries, some Ghede spirits are acknowledged by their person names. 1 unique Ghede is Baron Samedi, who is the loa of the lifeless. The colours of the Ghede are purple and black, and modern illustrations or photos of them are of perfectly-dressed undertakers with mirrored sun shades.


Between the Celtic Gods, the 1 who had the process of escaping the dead was Epona, greater known as the horse Goddess from the Gaul region. When the Romans invaded the Celtic lands, they retained the worship of Epona for the reason that of their appreciate of horses and their cavalry. Not significantly is recognized about the purpose Epona performed as a psychopomp, but the placement was definitely hers.

Generic English Folklore

I imagined I would increase a person far more. Sparrows are a common psychopomp in a lot of folks tales and stories. They would encompass the property of a dying human being and wait around to snatch up their soul when it attempted to escape.


Supply by Terri Wilson