The Life of a Courtesan

I wrote a poem for Courtesan Aradia, and then did it a capella
She wonders if it is worth losing her true self over….
Facillitating a false facade
T0 mutate this charade
Assimilate and pr0crastinate
An em0ti0nal, det0uring fate
Int0 maddness s0 shall0w
Myself inside I h0ll0w
I want n0thing 0f em0ti0n
Paranoid and possessive c0mm0ti0n
Nightly delights of narc0tic neur0tica
Delved deep within passive er0tica
N0thing t0 feel, n0 hearts outside t0 reel
My shell it d0th n0t peel, n0r my heart is made real
N0thing I am, s0mething I ache
Myself, a mirr0r, is what I make
A congealing v0id p0ssesses my chest
N0 warmth 0r pulsati0ns within my breast
I am superifical
I am hyp0critical
I am mad at these em0ti0ns that f0rce me
T0 feel, t0 hunt, t0 seek, t0 see
What I cann0t have, and have dev0ted myself t0