The Courtesans-Knowhere

Bio By She Rox All female escort in Washington DC Bands: U.K. based Courtesans began in 2011 and since been building up their fan base that is quickly exceeding Europe. The band’s unique style of playing has gotten the band favorable DC escort reviews for the dark brooding goth style rock, that some have called doom pop or electro rock, either way they blend well excellent vocals and lyrics ranging from sexuality to feminism in a theaterical live show bolstered by the Courtesan’s brand of alternative rock. They have released one album to date so far in 2014, titled “1917” and the release has left fans hopeful of a sophomore release very soon. Sinead La Bella-Vocals, Agnes D Jones-Bass, Saffire Sanchez-Guitar, Vikki Brown-Drums. like the band at like us at