The Courtesans GENIUS –

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Genius the Single released 25th August 2014
Written by T. Kilrow & W. Shadow Copyright Control
Anima Sola…
Conform and be beautiful, the way that we want you …
Damaged – Imperfect?
Correct it – inject it
Be strong and ambitious
Stay pink and delicious
Promise to love you
As long as you’re beautiful
Burnt at the stake
For opinions we make
Then adored and accepted
Before we’re rejected
History rings
Like an echo repeated
It’s the same as it was
Still we stand ….

Directed by Tracy Kilrow and Brad Watson
Concept – Tracy Kilrow and Sinead La Bella
Special effects – John Andrew Cameron
Edit – Tracy Kilrow, Agnes Jones and Brad Watson
Make-up – Cecilie Buckkholm

The Courtesans
Produced Howard Toshman
Executive Producer Tracy Kilrow
Strings – Gianluca Cucchiara
Drums recorded at The Boogie Trap Studios London
Genius released worldwide 25th August 2014

Management – Critical Music
Press –