The Change In between Elegance and Hotness

Bret Weinstein (@BretWeinstein) and Heather Heying (HeatherEHeying) are husband and spouse evolutionary biologists and former professors at Evergreen State College.

He was fired from his placement for having the temerity to issue the notion that black college students must be equipped to ban white students from campus for a day. It’s a intriguing story that turned progressive Weinstein into a movie star mental, cast out angrily by his have tribe for a reasonably worded letter to the college.

Anyway, I’ve been subsequent Weinstein on his tour of the mental dark web, which includes multiple podcasts with Sam Harris and now, Joe Rogan.

If you want a snippet of why I requested you to view this, be sure to verify out the earlier mentioned clip of Bret Weinstein talking about the difference in between elegance and hotness.

No matter if you concur or not, it is an fascinating dialogue.

(To check out or listen to the overall podcast, simply click here)

do you see a variation amongst magnificence and hotness?

So, audience, do you see a distinction among beauty and hotness? How does that perform out in your possess everyday living?

Your thoughts, below, are greatly appreciated.

The Variance Concerning Splendor and Hotness