The CB3000 Chastity Unit – A Evaluate


The CB3000 is a incredibly popular male chastity product and is a frequent alternative for quite a few partners experimenting with the male chastity way of living.

CB3000 – Style and design

The CB3000 is termed a ‘trapped ball’ device, since it’s held in position by a polycarbonate ring that goes all-around the testicles and then locks to the penis tube with an regular padlock or a numbered plastic tag (which will not stop removing but will avoid it from staying removed undetectably).

The tube factors downwards and holds the penis concerning the testicles. The tube is also vented with slits and has a hole at the stop, this means it can be held clean up and is efficiently made for extended-phrase use.

The CB3000 will come as common with a number of unique-sized rings and spacers (they go among the ring and the locking issue on the tube), so you can adapt to suit your individual anatomy.

CB3000 – Comfort and ease

Encounters differ extensively, but numerous adult men report the CB3000 as becoming incredibly at ease even about lengthy intervals of time. There is normally an first “break in” time period and you can expect a tiny soreness about the teste-ring and at times the place the tube rests on top of the scrotum.

Some adult men get sore due to the fact the plastic ‘sticks’ to the pores and skin, so everyday pharmacy lube can enable right here.

In my husband’s expertise, there were being also some difficulties with the padlock causing slight personal injury to the skin of his penis wherever it bulged out of the cleansing slits on the tube. The can be prevail over by working with a smaller sized padlock.

CB3000 – Success

Activities differ widely. Some males obtain the CB3000 helpful for prolonged-time period put on as a serious make chastity product some others, which include my partner, locate them ineffective because they can masturbate to orgasm even though wearing just one (which obviates the complete issue of the factor!).

However, there looks to be no way to convey to in progress how the CB3000 is likely to match your own situations, and it’s a circumstance of ‘suck it and see’, if you can pardon the expression.

CB3000 – Safety

As it’s produced of plastic, the CB3000 is never likely to be much more than a fairly delicate deterrent. Breaking out of it would be exceptionally uncomplicated, and some guys can even pull out of the tube (there is an optional further called ‘points of intrigue’ that make this amazingly agonizing, although, all over again, it would be easy to crack them off).

CB3000 – Cost

Even however they are designed of plastic, they are not cheap (which is one particular explanation a person could be hesitant to crack one to get it off). You really should hope to spend all around $150 for a person (probably €120 in Europe). You can get pretty equivalent kinds considerably more cost-effective, but beware – they are normally low-priced ‘knock offs’ imported from the East and they crack simply!

CB3000 – Conclusion

A good starter gadget for most couples and just one which you may perhaps even discover ideal and effective for very long-expression put on. A lot of guys do not (like my partner) and ‘graduate’ to a a great deal extra pricey and protected steel device or comprehensive steel chastity belt.

1 take note of caution: if you are buying just one, be sensible in your anticipations. Most adult men in search of male chastity are in search of the significant, uncompromising management of a very secure machine, and are usually upset by the CB3000.

On the other hand, I however wouldn’t suggest you go straight for a a lot more high priced metallic gadget till you are guaranteed male chastity is some thing you truly do want. As my husband can convey to you, the actuality is a large amount various from the fantasy!

If you’re severe about male chastity and you happen to be Ill and Worn out of all the buzz and ‘wannabes’, and you want seem, sane and really serious info from a authentic 24/7 way of life few, then…


Supply by Sarah Jameson