That’d be why you are broke. : ChoosingBeggars


This subreddit is for putting up screenshots, images, or tales of people today who are becoming way too picky when it arrives to who they beg for a relationship or any other matter.


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  1. Blur out pinpointing information (Age, Identify(s), Locale, and so forth). This includes OP’s data.

  2. You should use Imgur or Reddit for impression web hosting.

  3. Remember to be good to other consumers.

  4. Don’t link to other sub-reddits (You will be banned)

  5. Will not incite others to visit the page a presented post pertains to.

    If you at any time observe brigading, be sure to report and message the moderators

  6. (and Rule 7.) Man or woman must be a beggar and be choosy – they have to be both of those.

  7. No reposts from top rated 100, entrance web page or last 12 months.


That’d be why you’re broke. : ChoosingBeggars