Teacher Arrested for Asking Why the Superintendent Received a Increase, W…


This occurred in my spot. https://www.nola.com/thoughts/index.ssf/2018/03/trainer_arrested_university_board.html

http://www.katc.com/tale/38588804/no-final decision-produced-adhering to-vermilion-parish-college-board-conference-regarding-academics-arrest

Nothing genuinely arrived of it but people are even now upset about it. For the history, probably there are reasons as to why she was taken out and arrested, but that doesn’t imply it was legal to do.

Edit: IIRC the conference was discussing offering the tremendous a increase. Evidently the recent tremendous finagled a further guy into the tremendous situation. When the present tremendous retires, (resigned after this, but even now double tripled down on staying an ass about the instructor) he will get a proportion of the subsequent supers salary, (does not come out of the new supers income, he just will get a established quantity for each year based on what the salary was when he left.) So he was hoping to get paid additional, even though also having his buddy compensated additional far too, at the expense of academics.


Trainer Arrested for Asking Why the Superintendent Received a Elevate, W…