Taiwan’s president lauds Belize amid dwindling guidance

By Jose Sanchez

BELMOPAN (Reuters) – Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen thanked the government of Belize on Friday for backing Taiwan’s assert to independence from China for 29 years.

Ahead of a joint session of Congress and Key Minister Dean Barrow, Tsai stated, “At a time of terrific political strain from Taiwan’s intercontinental room, you have spoken for the legal rights and obligations of Taiwan as a member of the intercontinental group.”

Belize is one particular of 18 international locations that continue to realize Taiwan. Burkina Faso in Africa and the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean shifted diplomatic ties to China earlier this calendar year.

Tsai stated she had an excellent assembly with Barrow.

Belize receives economic assist from Taiwan for scholarships, agriculture and healthcare.

(Writing by Michael O’Boyle)

Taiwan’s president lauds Belize amid dwindling guidance