SWTOR Trooper Class Review


Star Wars the Old Republic MMO is right here, and of course they have other classes obtainable to perform other than Jedi’s or Sith. One of these lessons is the Trooper. I am heading to give you a brief SWTOR Trooper class assessment so you can see if they could possibly in good shape your engage in type.

The Trooper is an elite Exclusive Forces battle device. They put on hefty armor and use major firepower to overwhelm their opponents. There isn’t much sneaking all over or mystical powers of the pressure for the Trooper, instead they use effective blaster rifles, two-handed cannons, and grenades to charge head-extensive into fight and choose it to the enemy.

When you participate in with the Trooper you have 2 state-of-the-art courses to pick from, the Commando and the Vanguard.

The Commando is the most important DPS spec and can also be utilized for healing. Their most important weapons are Significant Blaster Cannons and Grenades. They have 2 major skill trees, Gunnery and Battle Medic.

Gunnery: Focuses on maximizing your cannons harmful electric power.

Fight Medic: Provides the Commando the ability to mend in modest teams and off-mend in larger teams.

The Vanguard is the defensive (Tank) spec. Their most important weapons are Blaster Rifles and Vitality Shields. They have 2 key skill trees, Tactics and Defend Professional.

Techniques: Teaches the Vanguard how to more effectively offer with close assortment beat.

Protect Specialist: Focuses on boosting shield generators to take in much more damage and shield allies.

The Commando and Vanguard share the Assault Professional tree. These capabilities increase grenade variety and insert explosives to your arsenal.

Each and every character in SWTOR receives 5 companions to assistance collecting, crafting and can also go on missions. The Troopers Companions are:


  • Assault Droid
  • Earth: Nar Shaddaa
  • Melee DPS/tank
  • Ranged with Blaster Rifle
  • Setting up Kit: Flamethrower

Tanno Vik

  • Species: Male Weequay
  • Earth: Balmora
  • Melee tank with heavy armor
  • Works by using a rifle and grenades

Elara Dorne

  • Species: DC feminine escorts human
  • Earth: Taris
  • Ranged, employs blaster pistol
  • Heavy armor and healing
  • Setting up Package: Medpack
  • Crew Techniques: +10 Biochem Performance, +10 Bioanalysis Performance

Aric Jorgan

  • Species: male Cathar
  • Ranged DPS, employs a sniper rifle
  • Weighty armor
  • Starting up Kit: Concussion Round
  • Gifts: Ammunition Belt, Survival Gear, Padded Weapon Case
  • Crew Skills: +10 Armstech Performance, +2 Diplomacy Critical


  • Species: male Gand
  • Melee DPS
  • Medium armor
  • Weapon: Electrostaff

This gives you a shorter SWTOR Trooper Class Evaluation so you can decide if this is the variety of character you would love participating in.


Resource by C. Rosemond