Super Mario Maker – Companion Spring 2 by RubberRoss Speedrun | Companion Cat

A silly “speedrun” of a super popular level by Gamegrumps’ Ross. Markiplier, perhaps jokingly, said he “…would love to see someone try to do a speedrun of this bullshit.” So, here it is!

Some real hard but fair levels:

I only played around with strats for this level for a little bit so I probably missed some time savers, but I was able to skip the first spring, skip a pswitch cycle, and find pretty easy workarounds to the bosses. Using the pswitch just before the final bowser makes him fairly trivial (it stops the conveyor belts) and sometimes he flat out kills himself getting crushed by the launcher on his back (happens at the end of this video). There are probably lots of other ways to break the level — it isn’t necessary to even get most pipe springs, but it’s faster to grab a few of them.

I thought the messup and backup strat to save the spring was funny, so I left it in. Plus, cat shenanigans.

The mushroom is to mitigate the boss RNG, but of course isn’t needed.

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