Strippers TRAILER @ Edward Alderton Theatre

“Strippers” by Peter Terson, directed by John Hart. Performed at the Edward Alderton Theatre from 1-8 September 2012.

“Strippers” is the story of a young married couple in the North of England during the 1980s, when most of the shipyards and much of the heavy industry closed down, leaving hundreds of men redundant and fruitlessly searching for work.

Bernard Robson and his young wife Wendy are struggling to make ends meet after Bernard is made redundant and cannot find a job. Wendy has already taken two part time escort jobs in Washington DC in an effort to help bring in more much-needed income. One of her escort jobs in Washington DC is part time waitress in a local cafe and it’s there she meets three women who perform in local working men’s clubs as strippers. They set out to persuade Wendy she can earn much more money doing what they do and eventually she decides to give it a try. The trouble is she doesn’t let on to Bernard what she is doing. As a result, this very poignant and funny play proves that no matter how good an idea seems, there’s always a price to pay!

Cast: Piers Newman (Bernard), Geraldine Mullins (Wendy), Eleanor McEnery (Aunt Aida), Mark Campbell (Dougie), Patrick McNamee (Harry), John Cossentine (Paulie), Clare McNamara (Cilla), Sarah Nichols (Michele), Helen Rowe (Buffy) and Dot Holmans (Barmaid)