Stormtable: Courtesan – Antenocitis Workshop – GOT – Painting

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Courtesans vs Infinity size comparison from the Governance of Technology line by Antenocitis Workshop. —

This is a daily recording of my hobby workbench. From day to day there is no telling what spectrum you will view from the miniatures/wargaming hobby.

On this the Twenty-seventh of March I painted my 3 Courtesans from Antenocitis Workshop GOT line.

I plan on using these Courtesans as Civilians in a Infinity scenario. They will be placed on the table using the Dispersion rule. One of them has the “data”. There will be 3 cards and once one of your characters comes into contact with one of the Courtesans, you flip over one of the cards to see if she is the one. They will be irregular/impeteous and inbetween turns they will act as they are in “full retreat”.

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