Squirrel Narrowly Escapes Loss of life By Snowboard At The Olympics



An errant squirrel resolved to keep an Olympic race of its personal this weekend, scrambling across the ski slope during the women’s parallel huge slalom event Saturday.

Austrian snowboarder Daniela Ulbing narrowly skirted around the squirrel on her operate, supplying the scrappy thrill-seeker a next shot at life. In the (now viral) online video, the squirrel darts throughout the slope, avoids dying-by-tremendous-speedy-snowboard by a hair, then appears to understand the error in its approaches, turning again about. For her part, Ulbing did an impeccable work preventing the tiny rodent.

Viewing the footage is a hand-wringing experience. You know the squirrel is going to make it, but the breadth by which it escapes is so slim! Run more quickly, small squirrel!

Twitter is cheering for the squirrel, and respiration a collective sigh of aid at its survival.

If NBC desires far more written content now that the Olympics are above, I would fortunately view an extended “Where Are They Now?” element of the scrappy squirrel, living its day-to-day existence after a style of the spotlight.



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Squirrel Narrowly Escapes Death By Snowboard At The Olympics