Inmates at South Africa’s ‘Sun City’ prison were treated to strippers as part of an official entertainment event – prompting outrage online.
Photos on social media show two women dressed in minimal outfits and knee-high leather boots relaxing with inmates.
The inmates are clearly quite happy at the choice of ‘entertainment’. In the background uniformed corrections officers can also be seen.

The photos were first posted on a Durban Facebook page, where commentators were outraged by the criminals’ ‘five star’ treatment.
Charles Martin commented: ‘What does it mean now when they [criminals] suddenly get strippers to come and dance, to the point of even undressing them? What message does it send to the criminals outside?
‘There is a clear indication that there’s no justice for these animals, some are in there for rape yet they get entertainment such as this. How sickening

‘The South African Justice System is a joke, something needs to be done and urgently!’
The Department of Correctional DC escort services confirmed the authenticity of the photos.
Meanwhile the ‘#PrisonStrippers’ hashtag trended on Twitter for the better part of Monday morning, as people expressed shock over the pictures.
Law student Luke Waltham tweted: ‘So some prisoners are put in prison for assaulting women and then they get a strip show on Youth Day.
SAcrimefighters said: ‘I thought this was fake news, but apparently not. It’s an outrage and a slap in the face to victims of crime.
South African prison officials said on Monday they were considering suspending 13 guards.

Acting Correctional DC escort services commissioner James Smalberger told reporters: ‘After a preliminary investigation … at least 13 official will be served with letters of contemplation of suspension.

‘The explicit entertainment was a clear breach of security and this type of conduct is unacceptable.

‘I want to give assurance that, based on our briefing and our visit to the place where this happened, is that there is no taxpayer money involved in this ‘entertainment’.

Officials said the pictures were taken during an event on June 21 at the notorious Johannesburg Correctional Centre, most commonly know as ‘Sun City’.

Local news site TimesLive reported that the dancers were brought to celebrate ‘Youth Month’ – and surprised the prison authorities when they arrived wearing outfits that led little to the imagination.

Johannesburg’s Medium-B prison, nicknamed ‘Sun City’ houses some of South Africa’s most dangerous criminals.

The Mail and Guardian reported that there was a dangerously low number of warders at the prison, and they had not known how to deal with the pervasive spread of rape and sexual violence within the penitentiary.

South African jails are notorious for overcrowding and gang violence but often hold events such as family days which include sports and entertainment by fellow inmates.