“Socialism is most cancers for black folks” : LateStageCapitalism

1. The terrible things that the capitalist system forces people to do in buy to endure inside it.

2. Zesty memes, videos and GIFs that critique the social, ethical and ideological decay of western capitalist culture.

3. The much larger trend of company immorality and the raising commodification and advertising and marketing of items that really should not be commodified or promoted (such as social justice actions like the Starbucks ‘race together’ or Homosexual Pleasure).

4. Mocking the general hypocrisy and irrationality of Capitalism as it accelerates the course of action of digging its have grave.

5. THIS IS NOT A Discussion OR Instruction SUBREDDIT. If you desire to discussion or find out far more, pay a visit to the links in the sidebar, the materials in our wiki, and our Crash Training course on Socialism, Glossary of Socialist Phrases, and our Socialism FAQ

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  • We do enable inbound links to threads and feedback on Reddit as very long as they are appropriate to the articles rules and abide by the rules. Use np backlinks or your article will be deleted.

  • Do not post NSFL Written content, it will be eradicated.

  • Guidance for capitalism–and the political get-togethers which uphold it–is strictly prohibited responses exhibiting guidance for capitalism and capitalist functions and politicians will be eradicated and the person punished at moderator discretion. As a corollary to this, anti-socialist and anti-communist reviews are also forbidden. Anti-socialism/communism is professional-capitalism.

  • Each consumer is anticipated to have a simple level of comprehension and acceptance of socialism and communism in advance of commenting here. Liberalism (the ideology of capitalism), and defending Liberalism is strictly prohibited. This means conflating socialism with just about anything the government/point out does, or suggesting that communism is just about anything other than a stateless, moneyless and classless program where by the indicates of generation are owned by the local community.

  • No sectarianism. This is a house for all comrades and all leftists. You are permitted to provide nuanced critiques of other leftist positions, but undermining socialism and/or communism as a entire is not permitted.

  • Mods are receiving stricter with information high quality. Shit content that does not in shape the information criteria (like posts about Essential Money) will now be removed.

  • All bans are at mod discretion for violating specific principles or the standard anti-capitalist and professional-socialist, professional-communist nature of the sub. No person, not even the mods, has an inviolable correct to be in this article. We are not going to check out to make people who do not belong really feel welcome.

  • This subreddit is a secure house. Any bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and classism is forbidden. Participation in reactionary subs, subs that tolerate or tacitly endorse the aforementioned behavior, will lead to automatic bans.

This subreddit has its roots in wide-based mostly anti-capitalist imagined, with an fundamental Marxist inclination that is steeped in intersectionalist Critical Concept.

When it arrives to proposed choices to Capitalism, it is the common consensus of this subreddit that the contradiction among Cash and Labour should be removed the performing course should own and handle the means of generation. We simply call this socialism.

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This subreddit stands versus detest speech

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“Socialism is most cancers for black people” : LateStageCapitalism