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The 3rd-optimum-grossing film at the box office final weekend was a faith-dependent flick about a double-platinum song and the lifetime of the person who wrote it.

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I Can Only Imagine, which debuted nationwide on Mar. 16, receives its name from the tune by MercyMe, a popular Christian rock band that peaked in the early 2000s. MercyMe’s guide singer, Bart Millard, arrived up with the song after the death of his father, with whom he experienced a tumultuous romantic relationship. That is the backdrop of the movie, which stars Brody Rose as young Bart, J. Michael Finley as grownup Bart, and Dennis Quaid as Bart’s father. On a creation spending budget of just $7 million, I Can Only Imagine has presently turned rather a profit, bringing in $17 million around the weekend by yourself. The Hollywood Reporter says which is “the fourth-biggest domestic opening for a religion-primarily based film.” Rotten Tomatoes critics assigned I Can Only Think about a ho-hum 65 p.c contemporary rating, but it has a sky-large 96 % audience rating, and Social skews in that direction, as well: About the earlier 7 days, #ICanOnlyImagine has 87 % positives. –Alex Shultz

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Social Motivated by Faith-Based mostly Movie ‘I Can Only Imagine’ –