Sniper’s Shooting Star Experience

Sniper unboxes a Shooting Star sniper rifle and goes on an adventure.

Most of the footage used was not mine. All rights to the original creators.

Thanks to pugshroom for the animation of the rocket lifting off:

Big thanks to Robbie Rotsen for the MIDI:

Another thanks to The Rallycore for the amazing thumbnail:


song: Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
space footage:
Interstellar wormhole scene:
Burning Through Space 2 [SFM]:
Turbulence [SFM]:
Watch me swooce right in by Orpheusftw:

Team Fortress 2 is owned by VALVe

Credit goes to Dunkle and his crew for the Turbulence scene

Credit goes to The Winglet for the Burning Through Space 2 scenes

Tools used:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015
Garry’s Mod
Source Filmmaker