Skyrim – Change Follower Companion Armor Clothes Gear

This video shows how to change your follower companion’s armor, gear, clothes, equipment, robe or robes. It can prove challenging getting the follower to wear what you want them to wear, so keep the following in mind:

Followers use enchantments, but do not consider them when deciding what to wear.

Armor Rating is the stat followers care about the most. They have their own Light and Heavy armor skills, so just because a piece of light armor has higher Armor Rating than a piece of heavy armor, they may not switch if their skill in light is too low.

In order to get your companion to permanently use clothes, you’ll need to be married to them, or you have to have the pickpocket perk ‘Perfect Touch’. Other tricks of stealing their gear and getting clothes on them may work temporarily or occasionally. You must modify their starting gear set using tricks such as shown in the video in order to make the change permanent.

If you do not want to bother with pickpocketing or marriage, then it may be best to give up on the idea of clothes or robes. Learn enchanting and blacksmithing, make a piece of armor through smithing that is higher armor rating than what they are wearing. Be sure they will equip it over their default set. Once you know they will, enchant it with the effects you want.

If you have no idea where to start with tradeskills, see my 1.5 guide:

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If you want to know what the restoration potion glitch is / restoglitch is to make the insane stat armor, see this video:

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This is confusing and a pain, but it is worth it. Please leave a thumbs up if it helped. Thank you for watching!