Singing You to Sleep [GFE] [ASMR] [Sleep Aid] [Singing] [Comfort for Nightmares]

Need help sleeping, sweetheart…?


Whoo! First independent video uploaded!
Thank you to my dear friend Eraskol for helping me edit this video as I am still learning how to work my video editing program myself. QvQ;;

Credit for this script belongs to ZieAudios, go check her out! She’s got some pretty great content as well. ^v^

I hope you guys can find some sort of comfort or relaxation through this audio, and I apologize now for my not so great singing. Still, I hope you fell asleep through it so you didn’t need to suffer too badly. Lol!

To everyone who has ever woken up alone from nightmares or anything else, I hope you enjoy this piece. ~PAA

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