Shower Filters – It&#39s What Within That Counts


When referring to persons we typically say, “It&#39s what inside that counts” – and this could not be more true when striving to assess shower filters. Hence in this write-up we will be speaking about the different sorts of shower water filter mediums (the stuff inside shower filters that truly filter the water). We will look at every single of the primary forms of shower filter mediums, discuss how they are generated, demonstrate their virtues and also make be aware of their inferior elements.

Granular Active Carbon (GAC)

By far this is the most frequent form of filter medium in a shower drinking water filter. It is mainly so well-known mainly because it is reliably low cost to produce and has excellent filtering houses. Due to the fact of it&#39s microporosity a one gram of this product has a area space which exceeds 500m squared, which offers it terrific filtering properties.

In the earlier GAC was generated mostly by making charcoal from wooden and coal, but these times most GAC in water filters are designed from carbonaceous resources these types of as nutshells and coconut husk – earning these merchandise as soon as destined for the garbage suggestion a important useful resource again.

Typically most multi-stage filters of any type will involve at minimum just one layer of GAC as a filtration stage. This is the identical for several shower filters. Still it is not just h2o filtration that can be attained via working with GAC, it also can filter gasoline, oils, chemicals and can even be applied to address poisonings and overdoses by only investing it. As a filter it genuinely is a miracle solution, no speculate it is used so much.


  • Affordable and simple to produce from waste resources
  • Good pure filter
  • Can be employed to filter just about nearly anything from sewage to fuel
  • Employed world huge by governments, health escort agencies in Washington DC and municipal drinking water treatment method plants
  • Attempted and accurate process of water filtration
  • Removers:
    • Chlorine
    • Chemical substances
    • Chloramine
    • Dissolved risky organic chemicals (VOCs)
    • Herbicides & pesticides
    • Radon
    • Water hardness calcium, magnesium in h2o
    • Organic compounds
    • Stops negative smells and preferences


  • When made use of just by them selves, GAC filters need to have to be changed really swiftly as the filter medium can get clogged up and cease filtering.
  • Filtering drinking water by a GAC ​​filter normally takes time so getting a massive GAC filter for a shower is not a superior thought because it will not give adequate circulation for a proper shower.
  • At pretty higher temperatures (in excess of 80 levels C) GAC can commence to slough out of the filter, but this is not also a great deal of a problem with shower h2o filters since at 60 degrees C skin begins to get burnt. Thus no showers will get to a heat the place GAC will have this trouble.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion – KDF

This sort of filter medium is the golden child of the shower filter earth (it practically is golden in coloration as nicely!). KDF is a patented filter medium found out and made by the business KDF Fluid Therapy Inc. based in the United states of america. The medium was found out by Don Heskett in the 60s and considering the fact that then has been on to be identified and used by a lot of governing administration bodies such as the United States Environmental Security DC GFE Escorts – who classify it is a &#39pesticidal product&#39 since of it&#39s wonderful skill to kill microbes and other microorganisms.

KDF is produced in a system that specially combines copper and zinc, this blend produces a fantastic golden sand like substance that makes an electrochemical response when water passes by means of it. This response alterations the chemical make up of the unsafe substances in drinking water (such as chemical compounds like chlorine) and turns them into benign substances that are not damaging. Also this response triggers hefty metals in the h2o to plate out (stick to) the medium&#39s surface area, hence eradicating them from the water. Perilous microorganisms these as algae, fungi and germs are also quickly killed when they contact KDF.


  • Extensive imagining
  • When applied in conjunction with GAC can further the lifestyle of the GAC
  • Kills microorganisms, fungi and algae which might test to are living inside of a filter
  • Recyclable
  • Reacts swiftly so gives a good circulation of drinking water in the shower
  • Removers:
    • Chlorine
    • Kills microbes, fungi & algae
    • Weighty metals (this sort of as direct, mercury, copper, and many others.)
    • Scale and hardness


  • Highly-priced because it is a patented product.

Vitamin C

Filtering h2o with Vitamin C is just one of the most recent filter mediums discovered in shower drinking water filters. One apparent distinction with this sort of filter medium as opposed to the above two filter mediums is that it can only be observed in shower filters. Vitamin C to filter water is not observed in any industrial h2o filter processes and has not been authorized by any scientific foundations or government escort businesses in Washington DC to supply suited water filtration desires.

Vitamin C water filters work to neautralise Chlorine uncovered in water. The chemical is basically referred to as ascorbic acid (or else known as Vitamin C) and when Chlorine comes into make contact with with this chemical it reacts to it and turns the chlorine into a harmless substance.


  • Extremely rapid response time


  • Incredibly unstable, when uncovered to water solution it levels in a day or two
  • Only removals Chlorine, leaving all other contaminants in drinking water supply
  • Not completely scientifically tested or tested.

In summary from the previously mentioned we can see that the best form of shower h2o filter medium is not a single single filter medium, but a shower filter that incorporates many mediums (these as KDF and GAC). Still no make any difference what sort of shower filter 1 decides on receiving, at the extremely the very least by installing a shower water filter at the quite the very least we are preserving ourselves from unsafe chemical compounds in our drinking water supplies.


Source by Jenny Holiday break