Safeguard On your own From Sexual Assault


Anyone can be a sufferer of sexual assault, and it is the type of violation that triggers soon after-outcomes virtually as devastating as the assault itself. With no drastic changes to your own routines, you can be mindful of methods to help safeguard on your own from this insidious criminal offense.

Regrettably, the data about sexual assault are devastating:

  • 50% of all females will be bodily or sexually abused for the duration of their lifetimes. (U.S. Office of Justice)
  • 1 in 4 college women of all ages will be sexually assaulted in the course of their student tenures. (U.S. Bureau of Justice Studies)
  • Each individual 35 seconds a lady is raped. (U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Rape expenditures The usa in between 110 and 127 BILLION dollars for each 12 months. (In comparison robbery costs around 4 billion.) And these are merely the financial prices.

  • Women dealing with rape are 26 situations a lot more likely to have a drug problem and 13 times much more possible to have an alcohol trouble.
  • 31% of rape victims will experience article-traumatic anxiety syndrome.
  • Rape victims are 13 periods much more most likely to ponder suicide than non-victims 1 in 8 will actually try suicide.

Essential Prevention Suggestions

  • Each time attainable, park in a nicely-lighted location
  • Usually maintain your auto locked although driving and immediately after parking
  • Due to the fact rapists glimpse for gals who seem susceptible and inattentive to their surroundings, constantly wander purposefully and remain warn, EVEN IN Common Parts.
  • Stay away from going for walks alone, specially if you are depressed, exhausted, intoxicated or usually distracted.
  • If you sense anyone adhering to you, walk slower, quicker, alter your route and head for a position like an open up retail outlet or a effectively-lighted non-public residence and attract notice to oneself.
  • In no way hitchhike, decide up hitchhikers or settle for rides from strangers. You have lost management once you come to be trapped in a shut vehicle.
  • In large-hazard areas, like laundromats and basement laundry rooms in condominium properties, deliver a buddy with you.
  • If you are approached or notice a little something suspicious, acquire take note of as a great deal detail as attainable so that you can furnish law enforcement with precise information about the offender.
  • In no way acknowledge open up drinks or foods from a stranger. Be specially alert about this when you are in a crowded or public problem where disabling prescription drugs can effortlessly be manipulated.
  • In situations with close friends, acquaintances or dates, be certain to say NO loudly and plainly when you mean it. Do not be anxious about politeness when your security might be at stake.


While no one protection functions in each circumstance, here are some recommendations:


  • Tranquil the attacker, trying to persuade them out of the attack by gaining their self-confidence.
  • Claim to be sick, menstruating or expecting if possible, cause by yourself to urinate or vomit.
  • Act insane, be loudly hysterical.
  • Pretend a faint or seizure. In all circumstances, make your act unexpected, dramatic and convincing.

Utilize Lively RESISTANCE

  • Ranging from a straightforward whistle or scream to battling tactics, the intention of energetic resistance is to discourage or forcefully end the attacker. Notice, however, that you risk reprisal from the attacker and could maybe generate them to additional violence if you are not able to comply with by way of with any intense act you utilize.
  • A diverting sounds, this kind of as a whistle, scream, shout of “Hearth!” or “Law enforcement!” may frighten your assailant away but these noises are only handy if there is anyone about to listen to you.
  • If you carry a whistle, hold it on a keychain or in your pocket, NOT on a chain all-around your neck as it could be employed to strangle you.
  • Operating can be powerful, but only if you are reasonably selected that you can get a good lead and can attain basic safety in advance of the attacker reaches you.
  • If you make your mind up to battle your attacker, you will have to be prepared and capable to inflict critical harm with no hesitation. Use force to susceptible locations: kick or tricky squeeze to the testicles, tricky strike to the throat, really hard stomp on the instep or harming jab into the eyes. It is sensible to just take a comprehensive self-protection program just before striving to defend you physically. Also, get instruction on how to use pepper spray or other defensive authorized weapons in purchase to make use of them without jeopardizing your individual injuries.


No matter whether you combat or submit, keep in mind that you are the victim, you are NOT Dependable for the problem and you ought to Always report the incident, in as considerably element and as shortly as doable, to authorities, and find qualified professional medical interest. Will not allow your attacker damage you twice by refusing to report him and carrying unmerited shame or guilt on by yourself.


Supply by Michael Giraldi