Russian Fighter Jets, Assault Helicopters and Arms Sold to Venezu…


Some secret info has been introduced and mentioned in a café in Colombia amongst some people claiming to be spies. Similarly, the Venezuelan President of that communist region has been buying device guns, assault helicopters and fighter planes from Russia.

All these experiences are confirmed nonetheless, there is one thing that is nevertheless not verified and that is that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has acquired all this armed service components that has embedded in it and a molded into the genuine alloys and composites and gun stocks magic formula energetic RFID tags .

This indicates that any allied army will be equipped to keep track of them anywhere they go by satellite and distinctive immediate channel seem sensors. So if the Venezuelan army attempts to cross into a US border they will be found in progress and we will know they&#39re coming. In addition any Russian fighter aircraft will develop into an instantaneous concentrate on, recognized by its serial amount, style and abilities and will be instantly shot out of the sky. Appears like remaining in the Venezuelan Military might be more risky than operating for Hezbollah.

The Russians offering these fighter planes and attack helicopters reply to give Hugo Chávez a price reduction on new fighter plane or assault helicopters when they are shot down in beat, which they would be instantly. So it appears, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez ought to un-assemble just about every piece of military services hardware that is obtained from Russia until eventually he eventually finds and gets rid of the magic formula RFID energetic tags. But to start with he has to discover them and he does not have the specific equipment to do that. This technological know-how only exists in the United States of The usa the spies confirmed immediately after numerous absolutely free drinks and gals DC escorts.

If Hugo Chavez can not have confidence in all those who offer him weapons or those people he sells Uran-luminium much too, then how does he stand a prospect, as his financial state falters, citizen self confidence dwindles and his Venezuelan owned oil firm displays income loss of 50% while oil barrel charges are heading to $ 50?

Meanwhile, Venezuela will get a nether substantial earthquake through the harvest moon on Oct 6 say some seismologists on talk radio. Gathering intelligence information and facts can be exciting, complicated and dangerous, but anyone has to do it and report on it. Wow, very poor Hugo Chavez, he seemed so convincing on Tv set of program he requirements to lay off these Pop-Tarts. Look at this in 2006.


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