Roses are purple, these crackers are wheat : boottoobig



Encouraged by this old meme

I requested this problem in /r/findareddit and could not locate anything at all so I decided to make this sub.

Memes that begin with “roses are crimson, violets are blue” then have screencaps of stuff that total the poem. Does not precisely have to be “roses are red, violets are blue” but a thing alongside those people traces.


  1. All posts made up of pornographic photographs really should be marked NSFW. If the headline in the post has swear text it isn’t going to need to be marked, but anything at all with an impression really should have the NSFW tag.
  2. You should not set the punchline in the title. Basic structure is title is initial two strains, linked graphic is the final two lines, or the title is a description and the entire poem is in the article.
  3. Try out to make guaranteed your post has excellent rhyme/meter. Very good rhyme/meter is “Genuine BootTooBig” though lousy rhyme/meter is “Smaller Boots.” If a write-up gets far too numerous “Compact Boots” reviews it will be removed. Minimal energy posts will be taken out. At the moment, closing discretion is up to the mods.
  4. Be civil. Never be a dick to other redditors. This usually means no private attacks, no racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/and so forth., no slurs, almost nothing. If you want to make edgy jokes there are plenty of other sites for that.
  5. Really don’t argue about politics. This is a pleasurable sub and we want to retain politics out of it. Having said that, mentioning political figures is ok as extensive as you aren’t pushing an agenda.
  6. If you article a wordless/implied submit, make guaranteed to place the punchline in the responses. A great deal of posts go more than people’s heads, so by putting it in the feedback you can contain them in the joke. This is a lot more of a courtesy/suggestion than a really hard rule but make sure you nevertheless attempt to follow it.
  7. Consider to steer clear of reposts. If the overall body is the same, you can get a warning and a article aptitude. If the poem is precisely the exact as a person of the top posts, it’ll get removed.

Final discretion is up to the mods. If you feel your submit/comment was unfairly taken off, send us a concept and we will talk about it. Nonetheless, arguments this kind of as “they began it” or “what about all the other posts that do this” is not going to be regarded as and will lengthen your ban.

This subreddit stands against loathe speech

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Submit Flairs:

“Accurate BootTooBig” — the post has a great rhyme plan. Illustration.

“Tiny Boots” — the submit has a poor rhyme scheme. Illustration.

“Wordless” — the photo in the put up won’t have any words and is still left to the reader to decipher. Instance.

You can report a post as one of the over flairs if there isn’t really a flair on it and you think it deserves it. If a write-up gets far too a lot of “Modest Boots” studies, it will be taken off as a rule 3 violation.

There is also “Top quality Shitpost” for posts that the mods imagine are extremely very good.


Roses are red, those crackers are wheat : boottoobig