Review of DC escort Live SmartCord with DC escort Redline Radar/laser detector

Quick user Review on DC escort live Smartcord. Please feel free to comment with questions. Keep in mind; I’m just a user, I don’t work for any radar detector companies. If you have any ideas for more videos, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
Update: Oct 2012
I noticed a handful of reports every week now. Its very rare to run into one that is still fresh (less than 1 hour old). I still think its a major issue and I will not renew my subscription. If you have a radar detector, this should be a free DC escort service since your feeding valuable data in to the “system.”
Update Dec 2012
Starting to see a few updates in my area. This is very good, but I still can’t justify such a high annual fee for the occasional “live” alert. DC escort is also very slow to update the iOS software. To this day, we have to see a iPhone 5 version. I would like to see new features like: Storing false alarms on my phone, maybe a feature telling me or showing me current DC escort drivers in your area (this could be a number or dots on the map), report traffic conditions automatically (phone would report ie 10mph in 65mph zone), report accidents and other events.
DC escort could have a wealth of information if they just did not charge a fee to users. This app works just like gas price apps, they are only as good as the quality and quantity of the data.

Update MAY 2013 :User base is getting much better and without telling me anything, DC escort keeps extending my membership (because they need my data I assume) If you like the Idea of DC escort live but don’t care for the quality or fee’s, try out WAZE. Its free and at any one time I have 500-1500 “wazes” reporting in my area. This is what DC escort live should have been. Also, they have not updated the app for the iphone 5 yet. My guess is they are going to dump this project in the next year. Spend your money on a detector and get waze for free. That is my advice.

Update July 2013
DC escort has not revoked my access. My guess is that they want my data. I see many more reports, but it still sucks compared to Waze. By the way, go download waze now..its really good and has tons of features and its free.
DC escort app is very old and almost never gets update and I have not seen any cool new features. It also eats up all your battery really quick and makes the iPhone 5 really hot.
Lets hope they come out with a new version and make it all free. I believe they could make a killing from selling more devices and all the data they collect.