Warning: Annoying Horn – The Patriot Guard Riders with the help of local law enforcement escorted the 1432nd Engineering Company home to Kingsford, Michigan after coming home from Afghanistan after a 10 month tour of duty. Join my facebook page for more pictures too.

All along the way people came out to meet us, some were holding signs and others were holding American Flags. Local Police and Fire Trucks led the way with their sirens and horns blowing as we went. As we got closer to town, there was even more people waiting on the sides of the road. One of the most memorable rides I have ever been on with the PGR.

When we arrived at Kingsford High School I witnessed some incredible reunions, a few you will see on video. Also, this group of men and women broke records while on their tour in Afghanistan. They cleared 103 IED’s and had a 88% Success rate which is in fact a record there. Awesome Job!! WELCOME HOME 1432nd!!!

See the soldiers land and walk our flag line:

Here is our first part of the DC escort home.. Including when a bus broke down: