Remembering: The Granite Guy [Don Quinn]


Remembering: The Granite Guy
(Purple Flesh Brooding Committed to Don Quinn)

He had 32-fights, won 22, shed 10, between l956, and l964 was picked to fight Clay but would never make it to the ring which was a youngger fighter again than DQ among May well of 1960 and February 1962, experienced gained ever battle he deserved, all 13-battles ideal in a row. In 1962 he lost two, and in &#3963, he won two. He misplaced all three of his past fights in 1964. He was the Heavyweight Title holder. I experienced achieved him personally as soon as at his dwelling (often twice, I only bear in mind particularly once speaking to him although, in April of 1964) we talked briefly that forenoon, a sunny Saturday, just in advance of 1 of his last three fights he had have: March, April and November would be his finality for the big time. I was at that time, sixteen decades old.

Viewed as up to his last a few fires, the roughest and hardest fighter in Minnesota, and a single of the boldest in the country, this was his claim to fame the public clambered for him, a love and loathe calmer, he was the Minnesota brawler (DQ). Several years later on he&#39d go to the corner bar, where by I hung out, and give a little lip escort company in DC to a couple of my tricky good friends, some would again down, some wouldn&#39t – but all knew he was no force about, fingers and a head like granite, a will of iron, and he could take a blow. He took punches as if he had whalebones swayed with the wind and shifted back to his fighting stance.

When I experienced to start with satisfied him with his brother-in-legislation, Sid-Sid being a ingesting buddy of mine at the time, we went to high faculty collectively, and we hung all over, he launched me to him, his sister was married to him His palms ended up as big as my head I try to remember.

Explained Sid, “DL, he&#39s a good dude, but drunk he&#39s a madman, punch mad, conquer up my sister, keep away from him.”

I guess his wild swings were being a lot more hazardous than his prepared ones. He remaining a blood trail anyway, and cloudy minds wherever he bought, to contain his. He was variety of a hero of mine, till Sid advised me of his sister receiving hit a few occasions. I nevertheless favored the man, and in time I realized our neighborhood was no distinct than his way of imagining, and like him, we all ended up. Paul, Minnesotalits.

His huge head, and blazing eyes gave adult males the terror, weakened their knees, prompting dread, just his name, like Mike Tyson, or Sonny Hear. Toward his past three fights, he was slipping, as they say, probably too significantly drink, not ample teaching, or if it was adequate, he was most likely cracking from other points in his existence: getting the iron blows to his experience, skull, ribs, beneath his coronary heart. He misplaced fights, but came back to gain them also, as I claimed ahead of, right until the last three. People today paid to see this granite gentleman, to see the brawl, they did not care about a scientific combat, and the papers would pick it up as a difficult mans combat.

He was a slugger, brawler, with a savage resolve. He gave out punishment, and took it, haymakers skipped him, and some did not, crushingly.


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