Product or service Overview – The Liberty Leg Off-Loading Brace


The Flexibility Leg Off-Loading Brace goes over and above the limits of crutches, wheelchairs or knee walkers.

How lots of folks get hurt and involve non-weightbearing of the influenced limb, but can not tolerate crutches, or can not find the money for to use a wheelchair? What substitute is there to retain freedom of motion, ample therapeutic time, and execute your every day actions without help.

The Freedom Leg is a unique device developed by Forward Mobility of Edmonds, WA. The principle of the gadget is to make sure zero body weight on the influenced leg from the knee down. It attained this using an sophisticated carbon composite fiber frame all-around the leg, transferring the body weight from the height to the ground, therefore eliminating all excess weight from the knee down to the foot.

When modified, the sufferers foot will float earlier mentioned the flooring with no body weight executed from the knee down. Its one of a kind condition ensures a close to normal gait, with reduced atrophy in the leg ordinarily noticed with prolonged immobilization with crutches, casts or wheelchairs.

The Liberty Leg is suitable for Diabetic individuals who are struggling from peripheral neuropathy and diabetic ulcerations of the foot that call for finish non-weightbearing. The unit can also be applied with clients that have experienced decrease leg and foot amputations.

When the patient initiates places on the product, the use of a cane is advised. When the client gains confidence with the system, they can go up and down ways, steep inclines and uneven surfaces.

Imagine lifting grocery bags, going procuring all with out the need for help. That is the liberty you realize with the Flexibility Leg.

It is proposed that you seek the advice of with your doctor or therapist to determine if you can exclude with the tis device. The Independence Leg is not indicated for sufferers with balance troubles.


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