Predatory sea corals team up to feed on stinging jellyfish — Sci…

Cave-dwelling corals in the Mediterranean can do the job alongside a person one more to capture and consume stinging jellyfish, a study reveals.

Researchers have shown for the to start with time that corals can cooperate to seize and devour jellyfish which are swept towards the partitions by ocean currents.

A staff together with scientists from the University of Edinburgh created the discovery when they spotted jellyfish stuck to undersea cliffs and caves in the vicinity of islands off the coast of Sicily.

Observations carried out by the crew have exposed how the corals – which feed mostly on small marine creatures named plankton – are equipped to capture these massive prey.

As jellyfish attempt to swim away they brush from more of the particular person corals which each and every latch onto them.

This coordinated exertion to capture prey rewards the coral – a vibrant orange species known as Astroides calycularis – by providing every single accessibility to a large food, the teams suggests.

The jellyfish observed becoming eaten – called Pelagia noctiluca, or the mauve stinger – is responsible for most of the painful stings individuals undergo while swimming in the Mediterranean.

The research, published in the journal Ecology, was a collaboration with researchers in Italy.

Fabio Badalementi, Analysis Director at the Italian Nationwide Study Council and Honorary Professor at the University of Edinburgh, claimed: “While both equally species have been recognised for a long time, we experienced no strategy that the coral could capture and take in these jellyfish.”

Professor Murray Roberts, of the College of Edinburgh’s Faculty of GeoSciences, said: “This is a truly fascinating observation. The regular knowledge is that corals do not consume jellyfish, but these success exhibit that we have to have to hold equally our eyes and minds open to new discoveries.”


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Predatory sea corals group up to feed on stinging jellyfish — Sci…