Perfection : memes

definition of a meme / memetics

  • a way of describing cultural info remaining shared.
  • an ingredient of a society or method of conduct that could be regarded as to be handed from a single individual to an additional by nongenetic implies, specifically imitation.
  • You should notice, Moderators reserve the ideal to get rid of any post for any cause.

  1. All posts should be memes and adhere to a standard meme setup.

  2. You should make posts normal rather than distinct private experiences. This helps make posts more relatable.
    This indicates no selfies, SMS screenshots, private stories, chats, email messages, etcetera. Do not post “memes” of you or your mates IRL. No creepshots possibly.

  3. Make sure you be confident to properly mark NSFW information immediately after publishing.

  4. Make sure you do not troll, harass, or be normally impolite to your fellow users. Retain feedback civil and be respectful of your fellow consumers.

  5. Make sure you do not write-up or request individual information and facts, yours or other individuals. Serious or pretend.

  6. Be sure to connection to photos immediately. No videos. Immediate links make browsing much easier for those utilizing RES or by means of a cellular gadget.

  7. Please do not mention upvotes in your write-up. No “Upvote in…” or “Upvote if…” type titles or memes.

  8. You should avoid re-posting memes. We want unique material. If you require to be informed that remaking an correct meme still on the entrance webpage with a unique photograph is a repost, we regret to tell you of your psychological retardation.

  9. No forced memes, pushing agendas, or bad titles. Be inventive but memes will have to come obviously.

We reserve the appropriate to moderate at our possess discretion.

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Perfection : memes